Hello, my name is Mateusz Kuźmicz.

I'm a Software Developer and Cyber Security Specialist with wide background in the various industries. For over 10 years I am increasing my knowledge about programming and IT security. My work is mostly focused on web application development and making them secure.

Web application and IT security services

I am actively involved in identifying critical application security flaws even during their development. If your web application already fallen victim to an attack or your sensitive data get compromised, I am able to provide incident response services to verify the problem.

source code audit
Front-end development

Do you need to make your project into working web application? Front-end layer will be done with high care of details, user-experience and will be SEO friendly.

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WordPress development

Does WordPress make you feel dizzy? Do you need a custom plugin or theme? WordPress has no secrets for me. I'm able to work with most custom requirements.

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Backend development

If you would like to integrate your web app with external system, add new features or just create a backend service you can give it to me.

source code audit
Peneration testing

If you would like to make the security audit of your web or mobile application I can prepare a report of founded vulnerabilities dividing them between the black box and white box testing.

source code audit
Source code audit

It is good to verify the source code for existing vulnerabilities which were not found durning traditional penetration testing. Such audit is a basic to improve the security of your application.

source code audit
Social engineering tests

In this case I am testing the weakest point of security chain - human. These test results will show that whether your employes use good security practices and if any confidential information may leak by this way.